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彼らは死んだ、間違いなく by Airalin_KnowledgeAiralin_Knowledge

东线无战事 by RavenfieldRavenfield

异常已死 by Flea_ZER0Flea_ZER0

by AIeditor059AIeditor059

平静 by DrSeeDrSee

異常消失後,人事物的短暫結局 by Um4vm06Um4vm06

往昔 by LemonteaLemontea

by fubanfuban

那之后的故事 by DrSeeDrSee

胜利日 by EliteEricEliteEric

計画失敗 by MoyoMoyo

糖画老人 by ruixiaoer0815ruixiaoer0815

窗前,亲人,死亡,幸福 by AIeditor059AIeditor059

从未存在过的基金会 by Thaumiel9Thaumiel9

告別樂土 by MScarletMScarlet

献上鲜花 by DrSeeDrSee

终末之始 by HasturFhatgnHasturFhatgn

请勿缄默 by HeavybluesHeavyblues

归乡 by Freedom KooFreedom Koo

曙光 by (user deleted)

异常未失效 by O_LO_L

拾荒者与遗产 by The DictatorThe Dictator

不朽名声 by Freedom KooFreedom Koo

再无生,与死。 by SkyNightLightSkyNightLight

给读者的一封信 by Agent SolomonAgent Solomon

收容文档:最后的更新 by TictocTictoc

陌生人 by (user deleted)

科学与异常 by Agent SolomonAgent Solomon

我是正常人 by Agent SolomonAgent Solomon

闲聊 by megasowrdmegasowrd

平常的异常 by svbasvba

未铭记,何谈淡忘 by Agent PhageAgent Phage

晚安,基金会 by AltaleAltale

大梦已逝 by Karl Virtue kateKarl Virtue kate

过去 by Voice YinVoice Yin

新世界 by VeleaferVeleafer

异常未死 by MalocsMalocs

A for Alive,B for Biscuit by GreensonGreenson

落日 by EightDaoEightDao

Our Foundation Will (Not) Fall by varitas096varitas096

百足之蟲,死而不僵 其之一 by fubanfuban

午餐 by clmaqapclmaqap

我们本应获得的美丽 by Hannah_AIHannah_AI

我们早已失去的美丽 by varitas096varitas096

有序末日 by WaterlooperWaterlooper

最后的异常现象 by Flying JellyfishFlying Jellyfish

咖啡,又名凋零 by Dr PrismDr Prism

星离雨散 by KirkeSteinKirkeStein

基金会之死 by Huskar_CNHuskar_CN

凋谢 by #ApmV#ApmV

癮頭 by EDGE_chiEDGE_chi

凋零 by #ApmV#ApmV

《存于现世的神话》——前言 by koi_Vicky Stankoi_Vicky Stan

最后的监督者 by WorkerofsecretWorkerofsecret

新生,新生 by W AsrielW Asriel

夏末已至 by ChrictonChricton

存活于今 by silverIcesilverIce

随风各飘散 I ——各自远扬 by Simon ArranSimon Arran

暮朝 by SeveritySeverity

我曾属于 by donot knowdonot know

重生 by JackShangguanJackShangguan

新年快乐! by AustinYZhaoAustinYZhao

研究员K:从阴影中到阳光下 by KirkeSteinKirkeStein

Foundation won't watch you by The Salt FishThe Salt Fish

世界的灰烬,随风飘向那夜空 by Ninth BBNinth BB

纵使我已然离去 by DrSeeDrSee

《存于现世的神话》第一部分 英雄与叛徒 总览 by koi_Vicky Stankoi_Vicky Stan

觀察的終結 by EDGE_chiEDGE_chi

英雄长眠于斯 by Jin_huaJin_hua

PTSD by Agent SolomonAgent Solomon

给创作者的一封信 by Agent SolomonAgent Solomon

SCP-CN-1998 by Sekai_sSekai_s

SCP-CN-1256 by Ninth BBNinth BB

散作烟尘 by ziche_anyueziche_anyue

归零 by cangfeng197cangfeng197

离去,与归来 by EuleNLauEuleNLau

没落 by rorrErDrorrErD



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